COVID-19 Updates & Resources

Dear Clients and Colleagues,

RBW LLP is committed to a safe and healthy environment for staff, clients, colleagues and the community in which we live and work. Like many responsible corporate citizens we are monitoring the situation as the impact of COVID-19 unfolds in our region and beyond.

In response to the concerns regarding COVID-19, we are making changes to our procedures including how we receive documents in the upcoming weeks, contact with our clients and with each other, and how we will deliver completed documents to you.

We have invested in secure technology platforms that will allow our team members to work from home and provide seamless continuity of service to our clients. For now, we have suspended in-person meetings to ensure the safety of our staff and clients.

We have set up a secure link for clients to upload information so that files and paperwork do not need to be dropped off at the office and large data files can easily be uploaded.

If you need to drop off information, we will have a locked drop box located in the hallway outside of our office.

As much as possible, completed documents will be delivered to you by secure email. CRA requires signatures for all tax returns to authorize the e-file procedure. We will be providing documents to you which allow for electronic signature as CRA has announced it will accept electronic signatures in order to facilitate the need for social distancing.

We will also accept documents that are printed, signed and dropped in the drop box at our office. Please put these documents in a sealed envelope before placing them in the drop box. You may also choose to print the document, sign it and send us a picture of the signed document. Please send these to

In limited situations, we may be required to extend the time needed to complete an assignment and request your patience in this regard. We will communicate any required delays and work out a mutually agreed solution with you. We appreciate that these are difficult times for many and changes are happening very rapidly.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone working in sectors of essential services and hope that everyone will be healthy and safe!

The Government continues to release new information about Covid-19 and its efforts to support all Canadians during this challenging time. RBW has been filtering through all of the information, and in order to better serve and support our clients and community, we will share what we deem to be the most useful, user friendly, resources below.

Updates continue to happen so please check back often for the most current information available. There may be some time delays between government media announcements and information that is published on the website.

CRA - Canada’s Covid-19 Economic Response Plan

Filing electronic records of employment (ROE) *note this process is deemed to have a much faster processing time than paper filings*

How to register for My Business Account

CEWS Application

Resource Downloads